Church and State in Japan Since World War II

シリーズA Theology of Japan: Monograph Series Vol.2
編著者Atsuyoshi Fujiwara ed.
ページ数164 ページ
ISBN978-4-915832-65-9 C3316


The symposiasts included Noriyoshi Tamaru(Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University)from Japan, F. W. Graf(Professor, Munich University)from Germany, and W. J. Everett(Professor Emeritus, Andover-Newton Theological Seminary)from the United States.
This issue includes all of their presented papers as well as the responses to them.



Education & Religion since World War 2
Education and Religion in Postwar Japan
A Response to “Education and Religion in Postwar Japan”
Education, Religion and Globalization: Some Remarks to Professor N.Tamaru’s Paper on “Education  and Religion in Postwar Japan”
60 Years after the War: Germany and Japan
European Integration and the Price of Peace
The Social Security Systems in Germany and Japan: Structural Similarities, Common Challenges, and Future Prospects
Economic Policy of the Two Countries—Strong Currency, Strong Economy
History Textbooks in Postwar German and Japanese Education
Religious Issues during the 60 Post-War Years—Japan and Germany ほか