Raising Leaders through Sufferings beyond Walls: Centurial Vision for Post-disaster Japan

シリーズA Theology of Japan: Monograph Series Vol.9
編著者Atsuyoshi Fujiwara,
Brian Byrd, eds.
ページ数127 ページ
ISBN978-4-907113-16-2 C3316


Raising Leaders through Suffering beyond Walls reports on the Third Great East Japan Earthquake International Theological Symposium. It features addresses by Fuller Seminary Professor Juan Martínez and by David Boan and George Kalantzis of Wheaton University, along with reflections from leaders of Catholic, mainline, and evangelical churches in Japan. The book also discusses the Christian Forum for Reconciliation in Northeast Asia, held in Nagasaki in 2015.

Part Iには第3回東日本大震災国際神学シンポジウム「苦難を通し、壁を越えて、次の世代へ」におけるフラー神学大学院のホァン・マルティネス、ホィートン大学のデーヴィッド・ボーァン、ジョージ・カランティスの講演、パネリストの発題、分科会報告等を所収。
Part IIにはデューク大学神学部和解センター「北東アジアキリスト者和解フォーラム」主催の国際シンポジウム「北東アジアにおける和解と平和のための祈り」(2015.4, 長崎原爆資料館)をめぐるエッセイを所収。


Atsuyoshi Fujiwara (フジワラ,アツヨシ)
Fujiwara is Professor and University Chaplain at Aoyama Gakuin University. He has also taught at Tokyo Christian University, Seigakuin University, and Keio University. He received a PhD from Durham University in England. Fujiwara is the founding pastor of Covenant of Grace Church, Japan Baptist Convention, in downtown Tokyo. He is active in academic research, church ministries, and ecumenical dialogues, and he chairs the International Theological Symposium Committee on Post-disaster Japan and Christianity.

Brian Byrd(バード,ブライアン)
Byrd has been a member of the Seigakuin University Research Institute since 2003. He graduated from Yale Divinity School in 1984, and came to Japan that year as a missionary. He wrote his PhD dissertation, Toyohiko Kagawa: A Sympathetic and Critical Study of a Japanese Christian Leader, at Seigakuin University (2012). Throughout his career he has worked in English education for children, making numerous presentations and publishing books and papers. He also teaches English Bible classes.

Juan Martínez(マルティネス,ホァン)
Martínez, PhD, is Associate Provost for Diversity and International Programs, the Academic Director of the Hispanic Center, and Professor of Hispanic Studies and Pastoral Leadership at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. He is an ordained Mennonite Brethren pastor. He has worked as a church planter, director of a Bible Institute, and Rector of a seminary in Guatemala. His academic work focuses on Latino Protestantism in the United States.

David Boan(ボーァン,デーヴィッド)
Boan has a PhD from Biola University. He is an Associate Professor at the Wheaton University Department of Psychology, and directs the Humanitarian Disaster Institute (HDI) at Wheaton. Boan has more than 30 years of experience as clinical psychologist, and works now to bring together the church and the local community, focusing his energies on developing programs to help the weak in society, such as the disabled and aging. He has developed programs to improve local community health services in the USA, and has developed guidelines for sustainable, high level support for developing countries. Boan serves as a disaster response project advisor for the World Evangelical Association (WEA).

George Kalantzis (カランティス,ジョージ)
Kalantzis received his M.A in Biblical Studies at Moody Graduate School, his Masters in Theological Studies at Garret Theological Seminary, and his PhD at Northwestern University. He is an Assistant Professor of Bible and Theology at Wheaton University, where he also serves as the first director of the Early Christianity Research Institute. Born in Greece, his research focuses on Christology and on the development of the doctrine of the Trinity in the Early Church. He seeks to link the church and the world, to build up the church to become the church that revolutionizes the world, and following Stanley Hauerwas’s suggestion, “a community that develops the person.”



Preface (Atsuyoshi Fujiwara)

Part I
Lecture 1
 Suffering and Serving in the Way of Jesus: Meaning Making in Response to Disaster (Juan Martínez)
 Panel Discussion The Practice of Social Welfare Built on an Understanding of Relationships (Yoshito Inamatsu)
 The Work of Caritas  (Isao Kikuchi)
 Holistic Gospel Ministry  (Masanori Kurasawa)
 The Japan Baptist Convention and the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster  (Michio Hamano)
Workshop Report Workshop 1: Clinical Counseling Creating New Narratives and Rituals  (Akira Fujikake)
 Care for Stress of the Heart and Soul  (Hajime Hori)
Workshop 2: Support and Ministry The Dilemma of Mission in Tohoku: Balancing Physical Relief and Spiritual Salvation  (Makoto Suzuki)
 Miyagi Mission Network  (Yukikazu Otomo)
Workshop 3: Rituals How to Engage with Rites for the Dead and Traditional Folkways  (Takashi Yoshida)
 Plenary Session What Disasters Teach the Church  (David Boan)
Lecture 2 ‘Whose Feet Are You Washing?’ Raising Leaders In the Midst of Suffering  (George Kalantzis)

Part II
Christian Forum for Reconciliation in Northeast Asia: A New Community of Friendship (Brian Byrd)