Inactivity, Health and Aging: Proceeding of the 4th Symposium on Inactivity

編著者Atsuaki Gunji 編著
ページ数127 ページ
ISBN978-4-915832-47-5 C3047


“Not only lying in bed but also inactivity is bad for health.” The inactive life style is a danger to health. The meaning of this fact increases its importance along with graying of the population. Some physiological features of aging are attributable to inactivity and the mechanism would be explored by the bed rest study on young volunteers. This book is edited from the proceedings of participants to the 4th symposium on Inactivity. Many findings draw much on our former series of studies in 1997 and 1998 that were already published elsewhere. It is a great pleasure that this volume could have added much to the former attainments.


General Editor:
Atsuaki Gunji(Seigakuin University)

Section Editors:
Roland R. Roy(University of California, Los Angeles)
Tetsuo Fukunaga(The University of Tokyo)
Peter Norsk(Danish Aerospace Medical Center of Research)
Katsu Takenaka(The University of Tokyo)
Victor A. Convertino(US Army Institute)
Yoji Suzuki(Seigakuin University)


Symposium I Anti-gravity Muscle and Prolonged Inactivity
(Editors: Roland R. Roy & Tetsuo Fukunaga)

Symposium II Cardiovascular Function and Prolonged Bed Rest in Man
(Editors: Peter Norsk & Katsu Takenaka)

Symposium III Prolonged Inactivity and Countermeasures
(Editors: V.A. Convertino & Y. Suzuki)

Free Papers (Editor: Atsuaki Gunji)